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Free Style

TI Fishlike freestyle by Kris

The Most Graceful Freestyle Swimming by Shinji Takeuchi

Butterfly "Fly"

Butterfly Swimming Technique - How to swim butterfly

Swimming training - 50m underwater

US Navy SEALs Combat Swim

Super efficient combat swimmer stroke (css)

Stewart Smith - Navy SEALs Fitness

Underwater Swim Stroke Technique and Practice

Swimming - Freestyle - Shoulder Catch

Swimming - Freestyle - Limit the Legs

Swimming - Freestyle - Active Gliding

Freestyle - Building a Longer Stroke

Freestyle - Hand Drive

Freestyle - Lope Kick

Freestyle - Position 11 Surge

Swimming Freestyle 101: Stop Spinning and Swim Faster

Freestyle - Flutter From the Hips

Overview of 150 historical and less known swimming styles